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The European Low Gravity Research Association (ELGRA) is a non-profit international society devoted to the promotion of scientific research under various gravity conditions in Europe. The organization, established in 1979, provides a networking platform for all scientists interested in life and physical sciences and technology in space or on ground. ELGRA aims at representing and strengthening the scientific community of gravity-related research and helping young scientists and engineers get involved in low- and hyper-gravity research through educational programs.

The members and the addressees of ELGRA are:

  • Scientists at universities working in µg
  • Scientists of non-educational research organizations working in µg
  • Space science managers at national and international agencies (e. g. ESA, CNES, DLR)
  • Flight opportunities and operations managers and engineers (e. g. ESA, NASA)
  • Upcoming payload providers (e. g. Space X)
  • Engineers and business developers of Space Industries (big and small ones)


Jean-Claude Legros    

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In memory of our friend and colleague Jean-Claude Legros, who recently passed away, with the permission of his wife Valentina Shevtsova, the ELGRA Vice President, we  report some paragraphs from a letter written by Dr. Lina De Parolis (Acting Head of the Science Department, ESA-ESTEC-Directorate of Human Spaceflights and Exploration), who perfectly described the brilliant intuitions and the intense activity that distinguished Jean-Claude’s important contribution to Space Research in the field of Physical Sciences:

“Jean-Claude Legros has been a pioneer in fluid physics research under microgravity conditions almost since the beginning of ESA’s microgravity programmes. He has flown his experiments on virtually all platforms available to ESA, from parabolic flights, sounding rockets, the Space Shuttle, Russian capsules to the International Space Station and contributed to the design of the facilities still used by the scientists today.

Over about three decades, Jean-Claude Legros has been one of the most prominent scientists, to whom ESA owns the success of several microgravity experiments not only in fluid physics and transport phenomena but also in many applicative fields of interest, such as thermal effects in crude oils. His work on free liquid surfaces and in particular his investigations into the Marangoni-Bérnard effect, are major achievements in microgravity research. His legacy will leave on in the many technical applications and patents, high efficiency capillary heat pipes  and optical interferometers of different nature, as well as the creation of a successful company commercialising the results both for ground-based and space application.

Thanks to his knowledge, charismatic character and strong motivation, he has inspired and gathered around him a large number of talented scientists, not only at his own institute at the Université Libre de Bruxelles, but also at research institutes all over the world with whom he collaborated.

Jean-Claude Legros will be sadly missed and fondly remembered.”

Beyond the remarkable professional achievements, we also remember Jean-Claude’s activity in favour of our Scientific Society: Jean-Claude was member of ELGRA since 1983, member of the ELGRA Management Committee from 1986 to 1990, General Secretary of ELGRA from 1991 to 1995. In the year 2011 he was awarded the ELGRA medal for his career and for the important contribution in the field of Physical sciences in Space.



Dear ELGRA members:

Gravity Science Image Gallery and Contest

The organizing committee of the ELGRA symposium and General Assembly is glad to announce the call for the third edition of the Gravity Science Image Gallery Contest. Participants in the symposium are encouraged to submit their best gravity related physical or life science image following the submission guidelines.
All entries will be displayed at the conference center in Antibes 2-6 October. The participants of the best images for life and physical science in altered gravity conditions will receive an award of 250 €. The winners of the image gallery contest will be announced during the gala dinner at the conference in Antibes.
In addition, a selection of entries will be posted on the ELGRA website and Facebook page or other ELGRA communications, in order to promote our research.


Examples include (but are not limited to) images of fluid experiments (representations of flow, temperature fields, etc…), combustion experiments, material science, plants or animals in microgravity conditions, pictures of human physiology experiments, biology, or any nice graphic representation of data which bears artistic value.
The best entries will be selected by the panel based on the following criteria: microgravity/hypergravity relevance, aesthetics and artistic value, scientific relevance, originality, and educational content.
The final image should be of good quality and have a minimum resolution of 800×600 pixels (larger images preferred).


Participants willing to enter the contest should send their applications by email to Christian Lockowandt ( with the following information:
- Title
- Authors and affiliations
- Corresponding author and email
- A short abstract (5-15 lines of text) describing the content of the image in a simple language suitable for a large audience.
- A consent on use of the picture for ELGRA education and outreach activities (name and affiliation of the person who made the pictures will be mentioned)





25th European Low Gravity Research Association
Biennial Symposium and General Assembly (ELGRA-25)

2 – 6 October 2017
Juan-les-Pins, France

Student Session / Student Contest
Student Sponsorship

ELGRA (European Low Gravity Research Association) will organize a student poster and oral presentation competition during the next ISPS/ELGRA symposium that will take place in Juan-les-Pins, France from October 2nd to October 6st 2017. The Student competition has become an essential and emblematic feature of ELGRA Symposia that is fully in line with ELGRA’s major effort in the promotion of student participation and integration within the field of microgravity research.

Student poster and oral competition:

Accepted abstracts for a poster or an oral presentation for which the first author is a student will be automatically selected for the student poster and oral competition, respectively.

Each poster/oral presentation will be evaluated by a committee formed by experts from ELGRA as well as one representative of ESA Education Office. A Distinction Award will be given to the best student poster and oral presentation in each discipline (Life and Physical Sciences) and be given to the winners during the gala dinner. The awardees will receive a diploma, a prize, and, an honorary student membership to ELGRA to the presenting author.


Student scholarship:

Traveling scholarships will be awarded for the 10 best student abstracts. The selected students will be invited to give an oral presentation during one of the scientific session of the conference that corresponds to their research area.

Each awardee will be granted with a scholarship to the presenting author, covering the registration fee for the Symposium and up to 400 EUR to support the travel and accommodation expenses.

Part of these scholarships will be funded by the ESA Conference Opportunities for Sponsored Students (ECOSS) Programme. Those students meeting the eligibility criteria of the ECOSS Programme must apply following its specific rules (see below the paragraph headed “ESA Student Sponsorship”). ELGRA will provide financial support in the same conditions to awardees not having received support from ESA.

The selection of the best abstracts is under the responsibility of the ELGRA Management Committee.


How to apply for the scholarship?

Undergraduate or predoctoral/PhD students are encouraged to apply for their participation in this session. Students who already received this scholarship in a previous edition of ELGRA symposium are not allowed to apply. Those interested to participate should fill the form that accompanies this announcement on the symposium website.

Together with the form, applicants must send:

1. The abstract of the communication they intend to present at the Symposium, in which the applicant must be the first author. Two versions of the abstract must be sent, both of them as MS-Word files:

-      One-page version, according to the general rules established for the Symposium.

-      Extended, two-page version, which may contain figures.

2. An official letter from the academic supervisor indicating the academic position of the applicant (student; no postdocs) and that there is no copyright protection against publication of their work.


ESA Student Sponsorship

As part of the ESA Conference Opportunities for Sponsored Students (ECOSS) Programme, the ESA Education Office is pleased to be able to offer sponsorship to European students interested in attending the ELGRA Symposium 2017. Highly qualified full-time students from ESA Member States are encouraged to apply for ESA Sponsorship.

Students selected by ESA’s Education Office will be reimbursed their conference registration fee and up to a maximum of 400 EUR in travel and accommodation expenses. Sponsorship will be in the form of a single reimbursement after the conference.

Before applying, students must visit the conferences page of the ESA Education Portal:


-       Check their eligibility for the programme under the “Sponsorship Conditions”:

-       Familiarise themselves with the content of the “How to Apply” link:


To apply, please visit the ESA Education registration system:


Important Notes:

-     Applicants will be notified on their selection for oral or poster presentation (or in the case that the contribution is rejected).

-     All applicants will be notified on their selection or rejection for ESA or ELGRA scholarship.


Important dates and deadlines:

Applications for Student Session and Abstract Submission:        25 May, 2017

Applications for ESA Scholarships:                                                   7 June, 2017

Notification of ESA and ELGRA Scholarships:                               28 June, 2017

Symposium Early Registration:                                                         10 July, 2017


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