Personal data protection of ELGRA members

Dear ELGRA  member,                                                                                                  

The European Commission unified and strengthened the rules for Personal Data Protection. To be compliant with these rules, ELGRA Management Committee confirms that your membership data will

  • always be kept on protected data storage devices / computers / serves, not accessible for other than the authorized persons,
  • only be used for ELGRA internal organizational purposes,
  • never be sold to promotion or similar agencies,
  • never be delivered to outside of ELGRA without your agreement.

For issuing and distributing membership fees invoices and for mailing purposes in general, ELGRA needs your contact data including your private and/or business e-mail and postal address.

Since ELGRA is subject to German law, we have to comply with the actual German rules for personal data protection.

Your Management Committe