Join us !

Membership is open to individuals as well as corporate bodies, i.e. scientific institutions or companies, engaged in science under low gravity conditions.

ELGRA offers three different types of membership:

  • A student membership: Open to any registered student expressing an interest in the field. There is no fee for student membership.

  • A regular member: Open to individuals working in our research field.

  • A corporate membership: Open to individuals, institutions and companies

Applications should be done in a two-step process:

First Step:

For our German online management software of ELGRA (WISO MeinVerein), please create an account at “”, in order to register and verify your private or business e-mail address. For this, please ensure to be able to receive e-mails from “ELGRA e.V.”.

Second Step:

After logging in your new account, please visit the ELGRA e.V. website at WISO MeinVerein “”, click on Beitreten (join), and fill the questionary. When the information is validated by ELGRA, you will be contacted for the invoicing information to become a member.

Please make use of a translation function of your browser, if required, and do not hesitate to contact in case of any questions. Thank you.