European Low Gravity Research Association

2013 In the Spirit of Discovery – Rome

ELGRA Biennial Symposium and General Assembly

In the Spirit of Discovery
Rome Vatican City 11th-14 th September 2013

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Vatican city


Scientific/Organising Committee (ELGRA Management Committee) Local Organising Committee
Prof.Dr. Valentina Shevtsova: President Monica Monici
Dr. Monica Monici Vice-President Felice Strollo
Prof.Dr. Floris Wuyts: General Secretary
Dr. Kurt Kemmerle : Treasurer
Thamas Podgorski (member)
Prof.Dr. Jack Van Loon (member)
Carole Leguy (member)
F. Javier Medina (Special Advisor to the Management)

Full contact for local organizers:

Monica Monici ASAcampus Joint Laboratory ASA Research Division, Dept. of Experimental and Clinical Biomedical Sciences , University of Florence Italy
Felice Strollo St. Spirit Hospital Unit of Diabetology and Nutrition ASL RME Rome Italy