UNOOSA series of Webinars (21 April – 16 June 2021)

United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs series of Webminars

Hypergravity/Microgravity Webinar Series: Every Wednesday 21 April – 16 June 2021

A new series of 9 webinars with experts all over the world to introduce what Hypergravity/Microgravity is and the benefits, what type of research can be done, the fundamentals and technical aspects of research/development and more!  We will also dive into specific scientific topics such as life science, physical science and technology demonstration.

For more details, please click here for overview document. 

Please kindly register for the first webinar on 21 April from the link here.

UNOOSA series of Webinars (21 April – 16 June 2021)

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