2007 Florence, Italy

ELGRA Biennial Symposium and General Assembly
Jointly with the XX National Meeting of the
Italian Association for Aeronautical and Space Medicine
Florence, Italy: 4th-7th September, 2007.

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Scientific/Organising Committee (ELGRA Management Committee) Local Organising Committee
Dr. Daniel Beysens : President Dr. Monica Monici – Chair
Dr. Jack van Loon: Vice-President Dr. Giovanni Romano – Assistant
Dr. Thodoris Karapantsios : Gen. Secretary Dr. Venere Basile – Assistant
Dr. Kurt Kemmerle : Treasurer
Prof. Hendrik Kuhlmann
Dr. Valerie Legue
Prof. Felix Strollo
Dr. Monica Monici

The symposium is under the auspices of: Faculty of Medicine, University of Florence National Institute for Cardiovascular Research