European Low Gravity Research Association


The ELGRA medal is attributed every two years by the ELGRA Management Committee to members for their exceptional services to our community and / or outstanding scientists in the field of microgravity life sciences, physical sciences and technology. Since 2015, the ELGRA medal is no more awarded.

Persons who received the ELGRA medal are:

Year           Name                       Research field

2015    Rupert Gerzer                   Life Sciences

2015    Günter Frohberg              Physical Sciences

2013    Daniel Beysens                 Physical Sciences

2013    M. Cogoli-Greuter           Life Sciences

2011    J. C. Legros                       Physical Sciences

2011    Enno Brinckmann             Life Sciences

2009   Dag Linnarsson                  Human Physiology

2009   Ing. A. Passerone               Fluid Sciences

2007   Gerard Perbal                    Gravitational biology

2007   Jan Vreeburg                     Fluid Sciences

2005   Augusto Cogoli                  Gravitational biology

2005   Johannes Straub               Physical sciences

2003   Lewis G. Briarty                  Gravitational biology

2001   Julius Siekmann                  Fluid dynamics

2001   Wolfgang Briegleb             Space biology

1999   Aristide Scano                     Space medicine

1997   Yves Malmejac                   Cristallisation, solidification

1997   Hubert Planel                      Space biology and medicine

1994   Ignacio Da Riva (post mortem)  Physical sciences

1994   John Padday                        Physical sciences